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Value-Add Programming

Girls in Tech - Korea

  • Partnerships & Programming: Engage in effective program management with Tech giants such as Microsoft APAC, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Wanted (South Korean HR Solutions Platform) to promote equity driven programming and provide scholarships to females in the Tech sector. 

  • Mentorship: Advise and mentor various youth groups for the Ministry of Public Administration (open data hackathon) and the Ministry of Science and Information Technology.

MIT Sloan Teaching and Learning Technology Services

  • Website Creation

  • Tools: Miro, Canvas, CidiLabs

  • Data Analytics & Visualization

  • Tools: Google Spreadsheets, Python, Tableau, Qualtrics

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Haas Digital 

  • Virtual Classroom Barco Support

  • Documentation of best practices of virtual classroms

Remote Teaching Support

Instruction Design, Data Analytics & Visualization

EdTech Management

                                    ($200 mill valuation Series A EdTech)                                                         

  • Digital Marketing: Utilize data analytics to maximize funnel conversion and capture user base through various innovative marketing approaches such as inbound marketing.

  • User Engagement: Drive implementation of value-add programming (Career Panels, Newsletters, Meetups) to retain client base while upskilling and engaging adult users.

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